The Fiber Optic Opportunity

The concept behind TriCity Broadband is to build a locally owned and operated utility to serve the future of our communities… with NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS AT RISK!

Simply put, a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) system, owned by the Cities of Batavia, Geneva, & St. Charles will ensure:

  • A highly reliable cable television service at a better price delivered via a state of the art system with room for future offerings.
  • A highly reliable true high-speed internet service at a better price for all TriCities residents that will change with the times.
  • A highly reliable telephone service at a better price for local and long distance calls.
Even if you decide not to subscribe to any of the municipal services, you still benefit. Real competition forces SBC to pay more attention to the TriCities. The same goes for Comcast. The end result? You get better service from existing providers. Your rates go down. Your options for service expand.
Construction of this utility also affects the larger picture. It creates a level playing field and REAL competition for Comcast and SBC! All through a single, reliable, future proof fiber optic line directly to your home or business.As buildout expands, the uses for the fiber optic backbone grow also.

  • Point-to-point business services (link your offices or stores together) within Batavia, Geneva & St. Charles
  • Automatic meter reading for the electric and water utilities
  • Bandwidth can be available for telemedicine uses
  • Long distance learning
  • Smart home technologies
  • Home-based businesses
  • Things we haven’t even thought of

One of the major concerns in the 2003 election was the use of General Obligation bonds to back this project. While the Cities’ feasibility study showed the numbers projected no potential risk to the taxpayers, the incumbents (Comcast & SBC) played up these fears to the voters of the TriCities.

In 2004, we removed that concern. Our model called for the use of private sector investment only, thus NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE AT RISK. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA.

PLUS – the money you pay for municipal service stays right here and is reinvested right here. It doesn’t go back to San Antonio (home of SBC) or Philadelphia (home of Comcast).

As a voter in the TriCities, you have a chance to change the future in your hometown. Municipally owned cable, internet, and phone saves you money and brings accountability for billing, customer service, and upgrades back to a local level.


The Referenda in 2003 & 2004 did NOT pass. In 2003 it DID receive over 40% YES votes and in 2004 over 45%. So why don’t we just go home with our tails between our legs and acknowledge the superior marketing of Comcast and SBC?

Maybe because that’s exactly what they expect us to do.
We promised we would be watching them… to see if they kept any of the promises they made during their multi-million dollar effort to defeat the municipal broadband referendum. And guess what? All they’ve done since the last vote was counted is raise prices, decrease services, confuse their customers and make an offer to buy Disney. Yeah, Comcast can’t afford to give seniors a discount on cable service anymore, but they can afford BILLIONS to bid for Disney.
Many, many citizens from all three cities in the Fox River Valley have been calling their elected officials to complain about the price hikes, the cuts in service, the poor customer service, the frequently changing lineup on cable TV and on and on and on.
Our group has been encouraged to take another look at bringing this issue to a vote. Now that more people understand the issues and now that Comcast and SBC have so clearly shown us how “neighborly” they are and how they have our best interests at heart, we are going to frame a new referendum vote.Did you know that in January of 2003, the cost for Standard Cable with one Premium channel was $48.47 (see page 2)? Were you aware that ONE YEAR LATER, that same service cost $65.83 (Standard Cable + a digital converter + Premium Services)? That rate jumped again by another 6% after the November 2004 referendum. Thanks so much, neighbor!
This is still the right technology for the future of the TriCities. Last year, our friends at Comcast and SBC liked to question our judgement about promoting an all fiber optic network. That’s rather comical considering this article from the L.A. Times.
What about arguments that this isn’t fair to the private sector or that this is “too hard?” Please visit the website of the American Public Power Association and study some of the common misinformation spread by the incumbent providers.
Please, download our survey and our flyer. Read them and discuss with your friends and neighbors.  We want to answer your questions. We want to make sure you are absolutely convinced of this project’s validity. We want you to believe.