Important Factors in Designing Your Business’ Fire Protection System

Among the biggest elements of a successful business is ensuring the safety and security of everyone working in the establishment. This includes the preparedness of the company for emergency situations, like fires. Your primary goal when designing your company’s fire protection system is to save lives, save as much property and reduce downtime for your operations. Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when planning for fire alarm systems for your business.

Legal Compliance
This step is necessary when creating your business’ fire alarm system. Legal compliance means following the codes, which are the minimum legal requirement that you need to meet. But keep in mind that these codes vary from city to city. Therefore, make sure you are looking into the codes that are applicable in your specific area.

Alarm and Notification
One of the most important devices of buildings is the fire alarms. Alarms will serve the purpose of alarming the people of the presence of fire and alerting emergency staff, so they can take action right away. Fire alarm systems have technology that directs emergency responders to the location of the fire. Alarm systems can also be connected to the building’s ventilation unit to control smoke in case of fire.

Detection Devices
In order for your alarm and notification system to be useful, you need reliable detection devices. Like mobile phones, these devices get smarter over the years. Some of them are now able to differentiate different levels of fire danger. You can also include in your fire protection system in Singapore a heat detector device, which can trigger your alarms before smoke even starts to appear. Having high-tech detection devices will give you a better chance to save more of your people and property by allowing you to kill a small fire before it develops into a major threat.

Suppression System
Once the alarm system is triggered, the suppression system activates, since its primary purpose is to contain the fire until it is extinguished. Those most widely used suppression system is the sprinklers, which showers water when a fire is detected. Other than being triggered by the alarm system, sprinklers are also heat sensitive that they will activate when their sensor detects heat. For buildings where sprinklers cannot be used, chemical suppression system can be utilized.

Just like any other technological systems and devices, your fire protection system will do no good if they are not properly maintained. Make sure that you have your system inspected by professionals in Singapore once a year to ensure that everything from the devices, sensors and extinguishers are working correctly.
Fire accidents are quite common in Singapore. To minimize your risks, design your fire protection system smartly and work only with the certified professionals in the industry.