The Basics of the Lockpicking and Locksmithing Process

It is normal for anyone to forget their keys, but it can also put lives at risk if a car is locked out or there is a breach of security at home. When it comes to emergencies such as these, you can trust locksmith services to unpick your lock if you have lost your key to prevent it from happening again. But have you ever wondered how they do it so fast and efficiently? Below is an overview of the lockpicking and locksmithing process that a key maker uses.

Picking Locks
If the situation is not considered an emergency, the locksmith will use a machine that will allow for the reading of the key code. This is helpful when you do not have the original keys. The tool will determine the correct pin placement inside the locks and then a new key can be created according to the code.

For emergency lockouts, however, a 24 hour lock expert is the best person to contact. These locksmiths in Singapore are expert in picking locks, so they have an array of tools for various types and conditions that will allow entry within a few minutes. For house door locks, the locksmith will try to lock pick, slide the latch, or lock bump. These are non-destructive methods that will not damage your property, however, if time is running out, the lock may be drilled or cut to open the door.

For keyless cars for example, the 24 hour locksmith will use a passkey decoder or a key analyzer then make a key using a mechanical code cutter. If the car if theft-proof, the locksmith needs an immobilizer. However, if none of these will work, especially when a child or a pet is locked inside the car, a slim jim is inserted through the window to unlock it. J and L tools are basic items brought by locksmith services that can be used in older cars with unlock buttons that can be bypassed through the windows

Key Cutting
Only certain types of keys can be cut and duplicated by the locksmith service. These include the following: safe keys, window lock, non-chip car keys, household mortice key, tubular key, caravan key, motorbike key, household cylinder key, and patio double glazing key. Do not go for a cheap locksmith when it comes to securing your property and family, because not all types of keys undergo the same process. The cost will also vary if you need to duplicate a key especially if the process is more complicated than just using a blank key.

There are four types of machines used for key cutting; these include manual for standard house keys; automatic for emergencies; laser for keys that require dimpling; and code for keys with patterns. Manual key cutting traces the patterns of the original on a blank key until they’re identical. Automatic uses vice grips and a stylus that will trace the pattern to the blank key at the same time. Laser is similar to automatic, but it uses a laser instead of a blade. Code needs a pattern before a key can be duplicated. For these services, however, you will need a copy of the original key, so if you have lost it, the locksmith will try to use a machine that can read the key code and fix broken locks.

Lock and Key Replacement
If the lock has been damaged, the locksmith can repair a lock if the problem is minimal. Rekeying is usually recommended if the door is not damaged. But if the lock can no longer provide the protection your home needs, a lock installation is necessary. If you are not using modern locks and the door has suffered no significant damage, this can take less than an hour. For additional protection, you can also ask them to install security systems with the new locks. First, the locksmith has to unlock the door to your home or unlock the car doors to remove the pin. They can then reset the pattern and place the lock back along with a new set of keys.

When you need assistance if you lose your car keys in Singapore, make sure that you contact only a certified car locksmith because not all car locks can be replaced easily. There are restrictions placed by manufacturers to limit unauthorized duplication. To unlock car doors, the automobile lock expert must have knowledge of the rolling or hopping code as well as the immobilizers sometimes included in the system. They use a special key or transponder duplicator that will temporarily grant access to the system controls.

There are no impenetrable barriers that an experienced locksmith services crew in Singapore cannot unlock, so there is no need to panic during an emergency if you need to unlock car doors.