Pointers for Finding the Best Place to Rent at Saigon

As one of the fastest growing destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has become popular among investors, tourists, and retirees who want to enjoy quality life with affordable food and a diverse intermingling of cultures. For tourists, Vietnam is one of the must-see places because it’s friendly and affordable for backpackers, packaged tours, and family get-togethers. In general, it is much more practical to rent a house or look for a villa rental or an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City than it is to book to at hotels.

Here are some pointers on how to get the best deals when hunting for a Saigon apartment rental.

Cost and Quality of Living

Backpackers will find Vietnam a nice place to live in for several reasons: budget-friendly accommodation for any age group—whether you are looking to rent a house or an apartment—vibrant expat scene and foreign-friendly community.

The cost of living may vary among the different quan or districts in Ho Chi Minh City. The busiest and densest locations usually have more expensive accommodations, especially in posh neighborhoods. Consequently, it will be more challenging to find a budget-friendly condominium rental in district 1 than it would be to rent a place in D3, which is less crowded and quieter.

Those who want to stay near the heart of the city might opt to find a better apartment rental in D2 or district 2, which is considered the expat enclave, because of the number of upscale and foreign restaurants, cafes, malls, and tourist destinations. If you are tight on the budget, however, it would be more practical to stay away from the central districts. For an expat, the best choice would be to stay at D7 where accommodation and food are generally cheaper. District 7 is also considered the best location to look for long-term affordable apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City because of the sizable foreign community and residential developments in recent years.

Apartment Facilities

Most foreigners here in HCMC who want to experience luxurious living at vin golden river suites in District 1 find it more practical to transact through real estate agencies and other third-party companies to ensure legitimate transactions. The most popular districts in Ho Chi Minh among newcomers are D1 and D3, because of their convenient access to the best hospitals, schools, shopping centers and restaurants in the country, which ensure comfortable lifestyle for any expat resident.

The central districts are the best places to look rent apartment at HCMC if you need high-tiered housing and fully-serviced apartments. The apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City can range from basic studio apartments to fully-kitted units with the best view of the cityscape with laundry and maid service.

Apartment complexes that cater to foreigners offer services such as laundry, valet, cleaning, and healthy and gym memberships even without having to spend as much money as you would in other cities in the world. Looking for a reasonably-priced Saigon apartment rental in the busy districts will take a lot of patience and skill, but don’t worry if you cannot find your dream apartment near district 1, because there are various options for everyone.

Real estate agents and online property rental sites are the best places to view well furnished apartments at gold view development here in Vietnam. These websites can be modified to see the facilities and accommodation options from different districts, whether in District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, and so on. Browse through each one of them and contact several owners if you can visit the flats yourself.

When viewing condos and apartments, keep in mind the following pointers when looking for an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City: vicinity of the nearest hospitals, schools, and public offices; accessibility and nearness to public transportation; establishments such as restaurants and markets that cater to foreign customers; a safe parking space if you have a vehicle; security facilities in the building especially if you need to go out for most of the day; and the cost of maintenance and other service charges. Fully-furnished apartments with basic amenities such as power supply, water, waste disposal, parking space, security, and Internet connection should be a given in any lease contract.

Renting a Villa or House

While recent changes in the law regarding to owning property in Vietnam may have relaxed for foreign investors, it is still more practical to rent a house or sign a villa rental instead of owning houses for leasing. In fact, it is much easier to own several apartment units than houses.

For those looking for long-term housing rental in Ho Chi Minh City, the best place to start is to look for a reputable real estate agent. There are hundreds of property listings in the central districts alone, so it might be difficult to find a reasonably-priced house for rent, much less a villa rental. The prices will depend on the amenities and extra services besides the flat rate. You will also need to consider monthly bills for power, water, cable, and Internet connections. Separate from the leasing agreement are the maintenance policies, provisions for emergency repairs, security and guest policy, and parking space.

High-end apartments and vacation villas will cost more, even those that are located in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, that is why you should be careful when contacting a real estate agent. Dealing directly with the villa owner might save you money and let you bargain for a discount, but you need to also keep the following factors in mind: renting season especially if there is a high demand; inclusion of taxes and other fees in the contract; extra services not covered in the rental price; caretaker assistance; and most importantly, privacy and security.